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Map Software for your website

no API-key needed

We require
no credit-card information

Easy installation

Place markers from a CSV-file

Place markers automatically
from album

Place markers from
a combination
of a csv-file and images

Shift between list-view
and map-viev

Show/hide map control

Show actual map-section
on GoogleMap

Select on marker-types

Select on free-text-search

Text search using AND or OR

Pop-up for markers

Define links in pop-up

Navigate to a marker
What is PinDown?

PinDown is a free, user-friendly, web-based map-viewer. The program only requires 5 MB web-space. Nearly the same space that one non-compressed image requires. It is delivered as a zip-file containing the program-files and some testdata; ready to upload to your own server. Once uploaded it will function right away.
PinDown is developed by the same team that gave you the best free web-calender in the world: LuxCal.
It is designed and tested by John S. and programmed by LuxSoft.

Take a guided tour in the demo: Demo01

Here are some highlights of the functionality:

  • Markers can be placed on map from a CSV-file or from images in a folder - or a combination.
  • Marker name and type will be shown when a marker is hovered. If an image is defined, then also the image will be displayed in the hovering and the pop-up.
  • Markers can be selected on type.
  • Markers can be selected from a free-text search. More phrases can be specified separated by comma.
  • The free-text search can be made using AND or OR if more phrases are used.
  • An interval can be selected. It can be configured if the from/to should be input fields or dropdown-fields.
  • A date interval can be specified. Dates can be typed or chosen from a date-picker which can be scrolled in month and year.
  • Markers can be selected within a radius. Clicking on the map will make the center and the radius can be specified. Clicking on another location on the map and then "search" will move the radius around the map.
  • Type-selection, text-search and radius selection can be combined.
  • It is possible to toggle between map-view and list-view.
  • In list-view the marker/image can be clicked and a fly, to the location for the marker is performed on the map.
  • In list-view, you will see a "GoogleMaps" button - this will show the location on a Google map.
  • Texts for markers can contain html. This makes it possible to format text (ie:color and size) and to make links.
  • GPS can be turned on/off and you can use your mobile to see your actual location on the map.
  • Choosing "Directions" on a marker, will turn your mobile into a navigation device.
  • In the layer-selection(lower left) it is possible to choose one or more layers (routes) to be shown. Layer-folders can be chosen via the menu, by the user.
  • For a map you can have more layer-folders, each with more layers. The layers is made from kmz-files.
  • It is possible for the user to chose language.
  • From the menu it is possible to "call" other apps or maps - what the admin decides should be defined.

What could PinDown be used for?
Photographers that want to show their photos on a map. If the images is geo-tagged already, then they can directly be shown on a map. If they are not geotagged, the geotagging can be made with a tool like ExifPilot or GeoSetter.

Enthusiasts that want to show their interest items on a map. It can be from a csv-file or from images - or from a combination of a csv-file and images. Interest items could be:
Bunkers from WWII
Football clubs
Hiking trips. Can be shown with images and with trails.
Train stations
Churches - in an area or in a country. The PinDown performs smooth even with many thousands of markers on the same map.

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