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The entirety of the product is created by expert craftsman, by hand, especially for the customer.

After the customer places the bespoke order, the Family members begin the multi-level procedure to produce the bottle, the jewellery, the case and the handbook. Each one of the product components is created entirely within Aura and the Family by our master craftsmen who are Members of the Family.

The final product is a symbol of flawless luxury and traditional artisanship


A flawless product is a representation of beauty, perfection and excellence, while its creation is no mere coincidence. Firstly, the production of an excellent "base product" (olive oil), requires a delicate balance of nature's work, combined with excellent work of humans, over a sustained period of time.

Once it is produced, this unique in the world olive oil has to be placed in the hands of masterful craftsmen who use their skills, experience, artistry and inspiration to form a perfect in every aspect final product.


The production of this state-of-the-art in every level product, requires mastership in many aspects. The first is the alignment with nature, understanding it, respecting it, recognising that we are parts of it and we are owned by it. We exist within nature, live by it. "Whatever exists, it is right". It is the only way to produce Medicinal Wild Olive Oil of such rare characteristics.

The aspect of luxury is a "unity of the opposites" carefully balanced with the "final result". Tradition and modernism. Persistence with inspiration. Waiting and acting. Intelligence with art. Everything and everybody is useful, at its field of application, at the right degree, at the right time.

Such product requires professional craftsmen within the Family and a very high level of communication between them. This is a very complex product, requiring very deep awareness of art in several fields of epxertise and most of all, constant improvement. The Family members are in a continuous strive for "betterness", classifying what is already known after centuries of work and experimenting with whatever inspiration / idea is brought.

It is all contoured with the unrelenting determination to bring to reality the inner spirit and soul of the effort for continuous development
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