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Special functions

GPS on/off: This activates GPS functions. You have to allow GPS locating on your device before it can be used. When set on, then your actual position will be centered on the map. You can then use your device as a GPS navigator. When GPS is on you can in the pop-up for a marker, click on the button "Directions" and you will be guided to the marker from your actual position. If your device is a mobile, then your mobile is now ready to be used as a GPS. Starting navigation in Google Maps, will automatically guide you from your actual position and to the marker. This can be used for walking, cyckling and when driving a car. This only requires some few clicks - all is prepared for you by the application.

G-map: Clicking this button will show the map in Google Map. It will be with the same center and the same zoom - so you can use the functions you like in Google Map. The pins will not be shown, but in list view, all the markers is shown with a button "Google maps" and clicking on the button, will show the actual position for the marker on Google Map. The position will be shown with Googles standard marker.

Help: Clicking this button will open a new tab with help/documentation for the PinDown app.

☰ Hamburger menu: Clicking this button will slide in a menu. You will see a dropdown list for:

App selection: What you see here, is dependent on what you have chosen to configure. In the configuration file, you can specify one or more URL's and specify if they should open in the same tab or a new tab. An URL can be specified as another map, and then you will probably open in the same window/tab - if it is a "normal" site, you will probably open the URL in another tab.

Routes selection: What you see here, is dependent on what you have chosen to configure. A line in the drop-down is a folder in where you have put one or more kmz-files. A kmz file is a compressed file that describes a route or some places or a polygon. Kmz files can be produced and edited with Google Earth.

Language: Here the user can choose a language. If the markers on your map will have descriptions, then you will probably only have one language - the same as descriptions. If it is "only" images that is placed on a map, then you will maybe choose to allow different languages. Actual the language files available is : English, Danish, Dutch and Belgian.

Upper left corner: The + and - can be used to zoom in and out on the map. One click changes the zoom-factor by 1. The difference between zooming with the buttons and zooming with the mouse-wheel is, that zooming with the mouse will change the map-center, as when zooming, the place where the cursor is located will be "kept" on the map. Using the zoom-buttons will not change the map-center.

Lover left corner: Hovering the "walking man" will show the kmz-files in the folder chosen via the "Routes selection" in the menu. One or more of these can be checked and they will then be shown on the map. The markers will still be shown and will be active - it will be additional layers that will be shown on the map. The "routes" can be checked and unchecked.

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